Labeled Masses

So, Mark seems to be quite the source of new puzzles recently, I guess its those crazy people in his office or something. Anyway, here is the latest one from him:
There are 6 coins on a table, having masses of 1,2,3,4,5,6 grams. They are also labeled 1 through 6. Using two weighings of a balance scale, you must prove if they are correctly labeled or that they are not.

It is the same balance scale as the counterfeit masses puzzle, that is to say, using the balance scale to make a measurement can be visualized as follows: The scale has two places to put coins, you put as many coins as you like in each of those two places, then you push a button and the scale tells you which of the two places has more mass on it, or that they are balanced. The button will work 2 times and then the scale will break.

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