A Silly Puzzle

New puzzle time? I am probably out of puzzles by this point, time to dig up the old bad ones from years ago. Actually, I also thought of a somewhat decent one, but I want to do this bad one first. I first heard this puzzle from Carl Michal:
There is a building with a lightbulb in it, and in the building next door there are three switches, one of which can turn the lightbulb on or off. You are in the building with the switches, and may manipulate them as you like, when you are done you may go to the building with the light bulb. You may not return to the bulding with the switches once you leave. You must determine which switch operates the light bulb.

The solution is somewhat silly, in that I mean to say that if you converted this problem into "math" then there is no solution (this isn't hard to prove). You can make use of the "reality" of the situation in your solution. The actual solution is quite reasonable, not actually bad at all, just not mathematical. It is a practical solution one could impliment and does not require anything unstated from the puzzle (such a calling a friend to come help, or being able to see the light from the next building over).

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