Slightly Less Myopic Hats In A Line

So, you can tell that I've been wandering through the xkcd forums for puzzles when I manage to make four posts in one month after having done about one post a month for so long. Anyway, here you go:
One hundred people are standing in a line, each of them wearing either a black hat or a white hat. They all can see the hats on the four people directly in front of them, no hats behind them and not their own hat. Each round, a man in a black suit will ask each person in the line if they would like to guess their own hat colour now, the answer they give is secret, nobody else in the line can hear. The man will then select one of the people who volunteered and ask their hat colour. That person is then removed from the line and a hole in left in the line. Everybody in the line is made aware of who was selected to guess their hat colour and what they guessed. The people may only guess "black" or "white". Then a new round starts with the man asking who would like to guess their hat colour now.

The players lose the game if ever more than two people get their hat colour wrong, or if during any round nobody volunteers to guess. The players win if everybody has finished guessing their hat colour and no more than two people are wrong. Before the hats are assigned the players may strategize, find a strategy that is certain to win assuming the man in black (who also assigned the hat colours) is an adversary.

Its the same as the other hats in a line problem (I basically copy-pasted it), but now holes will be left when people leave and they have a sight range of 4.

Just to be clear, if we number the people starting from the back, person 1 can see the hats on each of {2,3,4,5}. If person 3 now makes a guess and leaves the line, person 1 can now see the hats of {2,4,5}, but still cannot see the hat on 6.

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