Who Blogs These Days?

Apparently, these days anybody can be tricked into starting a blog, even me. One has to wonder what percentage of blogs actually get read by people outside of the bloggers circle of friends, but I suppose thats no reason to not blog. The main advantage of blogging is that you don't have to notice just how much people do not want to hear your random ramblings on things. If somebody doesn't care about what you write, they just stop reading, and you just keep writing anyway.

I suppose for my first real post though, I might as well explain what the title is about, just in the off chance that people outside of my circle of friends do actually read this thing. Simply put, I spend far too much of my time working on logic puzzles that begin with something like, "Seven people are in a room, and they are all wearing hats of various colours. Each person can see eachothers hats, but they cannot see their own through any means, nor can they communicate their hat colours to eachother in any way," but because so many problems involving hats have that last bit about not being able to see your own hat, but being able to see all the other hats, it helps to shorten that to just saying "Standard hat rules apply."

Yep, thats all I got.

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